Things you can carry to Wagah Border Ceremony

wagah border

Wagah Border Beating Retreat Ceremony

Beating retreat ceremony is a practice of lowering the flags between India and Pakistan at Wagah border, situated in Punjab, Lahore District which is connecting Pakistan on the old grand trunk road. It is approximately 28.4km from Amritsar, takes somewhere around 40 mins to reach the destination from Golden Temple.

Border ceremony or beating retreat ceremony is performed every day before sunset. It’s a 45 minutes ceremony which includes parade, horse ride, dance, flag hosting, soldiers performance which starts around 4:00 pm according to Indian timings. People usually visit Amritsar for two main reasons first to have a Glimpse of Golden temple and second to visit Wagah Border.

If you haven’t attended Beating retreat ceremony, you must plan it in your next trip to Amritsar, Punjab India. The entire ceremony lasts for 45 minutes. The atmostphere, the songs, people shouting “vande mataram”, floating flags, skin tattos of tricolor, will fill your heart with patriotism and respect for the soldiers. The ceremony strongly promoting entry of Females in Indian Army also the parade starts with female soldiers.

How to reach Wagah Border

Sharing/private autos and taxi are available from Golden Temple to Wagah border. Estimated fare from Golden temple to Wagah Border is Rs120 per person for taxi and Rs100 for auto (this fare includes round-trip (charges may vary). Negotiated rates are Rs100 per person for taxi and Rs80 per person for auto rest depends on your negotiation skills.

Things are allowed at Wagah border

  • Carry cash- You can carry your cash in a palm size purse to carry your valuables. As these days eatables are available by some of the vendors at Wagah Border.
  • Id Proof- Carry your Id proofs. Special seating arrangements and entry gate (need to take prior approval from respective air force/army center) for service men?s for Army/Indian Military.
  • DSLR/Digital Camera- At Wagah border, you can carry your camera/DSLR (without bag) or any kind, there is absolutely no restriction on photography unless you do it lawfully.
  • Mobile phone- One can carry cell phones to Wagah border. Around 3kms from Wagah border, you?ll lose the connection and there will be no network.

Things you should avoid taking to Wagah border

  • Handbags/Backpacks- Avoid taking Backpacks, Handbags, Clutches, they are strictly not allowed. If you still wish to carry any of them then you have to pay to keep your luggage at the checkpoint which is nearly 1km from the main entrance.
    things not allowed at Wagah border,
  • Power Banks/charging wire– Headphones or any kind of wire, powers banks, charging cable are a big No and can restrict your entry or will go directly into the bin.
  • Alcohol/Cigarette/Tobacco- Do not carry any kind of drugs, tobacco or alcohol with you.Things not allowed at Wagah Border
  • Weapons are Prohibited-? Do not carry any kind of knives, pistols or any sharp weapon.

How to ensure a perfect seat at Wagah Border stadium

People across India who came to see Golden Temple also visit Wagah Border. The ceremony starts at 4:00 pm and ends in 45 mins. I have visited the place twice, latest in January 2018. We have reached the stadium at 3:00 pm exactly one hour before the ceremony starts. Reach early and grab your favorite front seat to enjoy the entire function without any hassle.



Please Note: The details are purely based on personal experience and Author’s views.