Tips and Tricks to plan your next solo camping trip

Solo Camping

Camping can be the best way to escape the hectic everyday life, unplug from the daily drudgeries, and be one with nature. But planning a camping trip can feel like a lot of hassle when you have to coordinate with a whole bunch of people. You need to ensure that everyone?s schedules match, decide who is responsible for what, figure out what gears are to be brought by everyone, and so much more. You can avoid all of those hassles by simply opting for solo camping. It might feel daunting when it?s your first time going solo. Don?t worry and follow these tips and hacks to help yourself out.

? Choose a comfortable location:

Do extensive research before selecting a site for your safety should be your first concern. Go for a place that does not have any significant negative reviews, human or animal threat.

? Plan it all in advance: Planning is one of the keys to a successful solo trip. Getting permits to the place, working a budget, making a list of the items of necessity are some of the parts of your planning process.

? Pack it light:

When you are going solo, there is no one to share your load. So, it will be a wise decision on your part to pack light. Make small changes like purification tablets instead of water filter, alcohol-fueled stove in place of butane stove.

? A hammock tent:

The hammock tents are the latest addition to the amazing accessories for solo campers. These are lightweight, comfortable, and provide you with the flexibility to camp anywhere you want.

? Share your plans: It is important that you share your plans for every day with someone back at home. Let them know even when you make changes to your plan. Of course, you have done all the research, but this is just an added safety precaution.

? Knows the regulations: Every camping site has its own set of rules and regulations that you need to abide by. You would want to be caught breaking the law on your first solo camping adventure. Get the copy of rules from the nearest ranger station and follow each rule diligently.

? Get a checkup done: Get your complete physical checkup done by your physician before leaving for the trip. You are all on your own with no one to take care of you. You need to completely fit before embarking on a journey to avoid any health issues when you are at the site.

? Carry the map:

The Google map is always there to help you out. However, you can request a map of the campsite from the ranger’s office. This will prevent you from getting stranded in an unknown location without any clue of how to get out of there.

? Test out the camping gear: You might have the best quality camping gear at your disposal, but you still need to test it out before leaving. Check it at your home to ensure that you will be able to set it up all by yourself.

? Keep your journal: Solo trips are always extra special and more so when it is your first time. Make sure you keep a journal and record everything in it. You will have plenty of new experiences, and the journal will be your way of looking back at those.

Camping was your way of escaping the busy life. So, you deserve to relax and rejuvenate in this camping trip of yours. While in the camp, you need to focus on that time and place without the mobiles, laptops, or deadlines bothering your peace of mind and serenity.