Hair Care Tips with the best hair oil

Let your hair be free, I will be sharing some tips to manage your hair while traveling.


Having long and curly hair is really difficult to manage especially when you are traveling. I have to take extra care of them because i prefer to keep my hair open and let them do the talking with the wind. I will be sharing some tips and products I use to manage them.
When you travel to a different place, the environment changes, water changes, and even air changes. And these all changes affect our Hair and Skin. You can’t control the surroundings but you can control the damage going to have to your hair. These are the things you can start doing before your trip and even continue when you are done with traveling.

Hair Care Tips While Travelling

1. Oil Your Hair

This is high time we should not ignore our hair problems especially when it comes to hair fall. I recently came back from Himachal Pradesh. There, the weather was colder and the wind was dry. Both scenarios are not good for your hair and the same has happened to me. In extreme chilly areas, you have to use hot water to wash your hair which again causes Hair Fall and Dandruff. At that moment, I had not realized the damage but later I have noticed a sudden increase in hair fall, dry hair, and dandruff.

How to stop hair fall immediately? this is what I was thinking all the time. And my search ends on Kesh King hair oil, the perfect solution to control hair fall.

Hair Fall issues should be taken care of immediately otherwise they can lead to permanent hair loss. But you can treat it at your home and without wasting your money on inexpensive products, I will tell you how.

Use Kesh King ayurvedic hair oil and massage gently on the roots and scalp, keep it overnight and wash it the next morning.

Kesh King is clinically tested and proven 2x stronger in reducing hair fall and growing new hair naturally. Even before traveling, I apply hair oil at least in a week, and with the help of Kesh King deep route comb makes it easy to apply the oil in roots. Just like our body our hair also needs a diet, which can be fulfilled from this hair oil. It is made with 21 herbs using Tel Pak Vidhi –like Bhringharaj, Java, Haritaki, Tulsi, Jatamansi, etc. It is the best hair oil when you are facing problems like hair fall, dandruff, or dry scalp.

Why we should choose Kesh King Oil

Oiling once a week can really help in making hair grow stronger and nourished from routes. When I travel in extremely dry and cold areas, I usually face dry scalp and dandruff, as washing your hair with hot water makes them weak and dry. But oiling can do magic here.

Kesh King Advanced scalp and hair medicine Ayurveda hair oil has 21 herbs which grow new hair naturally and reduce hair fall. Its deep root comb helps the oil to spread equally in the roots which makes it super easy to apply. It has also proven 2 times more effective than other ayurvedic hair oils based on clinical study results. It has no Side effects of 100% pure Ayurvedic and safe product.

The right way to use Kesh King hair oil

Most of us apply hair oil which does not even reach the roots of the hair, kesh king is the best hair oil has a solution to all our problems.

  • It comes with a deep root comb which equally spreads oil in the roots. Simply remove the cap and attach the provided deep comb to the pack. You can remove the deep root comb after use and add the normal cap again.
  • Place the comb on the affected area and squeeze it a little and let the hair oil flow into the scalp.
  • Use your fingertips to spread the hair oil and massage it gently.
  • Leave the hair oil overnight for better results.
  • Wash your hair with Kesh King shampoo.

2. Hair Wash

If you are planning to wash your hair just before you are traveling, make sure you do it the day before and let it dry properly. Wet hair can catch the dust easily and pollution will make it dry, so a wise choice is to wash your hair one day before.

Nourish your hair with Kesh King oil and keep it overnight. Wash your hair with Kesh King Ayurvedic Shampoo for best results. Its made of aloe vera and 21 rare herbs which reduce hair fall and make it beautiful. Their products are ayurvedic so have no side effects. Kesh King has all the products available in the budget, not like other expensive products in the market that claim to be ayurvedic. Always read the description written on the pack to see what all herbs and ingredients have been used.

Don’t wash it too much

Washing your hair frequently can also wash away essentials oils from your scalp and make it dry. If you are at the beach and have too much exposure to salty water, and you love being near salty water then there is a high tendency your hair can become dry and tangled. Step 1 will help you here to get rid of dry and tangled hair.

Other ways for Hair Care

3- Stay away from Heat

Try to avoid hair dryers, strainers as much as possible. I never carry any of these products when I am traveling and frankly, I prefer not to use them. My hair dries naturally wavy, and I make a bun of wet hair when I want natural curls. Use natural ways to dry your hair and avoid hair dryers. Heat can damage your hair so better not depend on them.

4- Hair Accessories 

Style your hair, make a bun, use a headband, or tie a scarf. Hair accessories can also save your hair from catching extra dust and dryness that can damage your hair. I use hair scarfs to style, sometimes I just use any scarf but you can grab some fancy hair scarfs from the market.


I use Kesh King for my daily hair nourishment and growth. It is very handy and easy to use hair oil which you can use for all kind of hair problems. And the plus point is it is clinically tested and has no Sid effects. I carry a bottle of hair oil whenever I travel, it helps me in managing my hair in all kinds of conditions. I would highly recommend this product to you if you are facing hair fall or any other hair related issues.

Rating: 4.8/5

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