Visit Himachal in Lockdown | New Guidelines

visit himachal in lockdown

Visit Himachal in lockdown, with the new relaxations government has made things easier for tourists.

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular and nearest destinations to reach mountains for people living in North India. Because COVID-19, Travel, and Tourism has affected the most but with the new Guidelines issued to visit Himachal Pradesh in lockdown has some relaxations for tourists.

New Guidelines to visit Himachal in Lockdown

Online Registration

Earlier you have to apply for an e-pass in order to travel Himachal Pradesh in Lockdown, approval for the same used to take 3-4 days also. To sort out this problem Himachal Tourism now will be asking every tourist to fill the registration form for which traveler will get instant approval.

COVID-19 Negative Test Report

A person should carry proof of the Covid-19 negative report of not less than 4 days (96 hrs). Border authorities are accepting the RT-PCR test report of covid19, Himachal Pradesh. Earlier only ICMR certified reports were accepted to enter the state. Kids below 10 years don’t need COVID 19 negative test reports.

Minimum Stay of 2 Nights

A person traveling from the interstate to Himachal Pradesh has to book 2 nights advance stay. You have to carry proof of the hotel booking in Himachal Pradesh in order to get entry into the state. Try to only book certified hotels from the Himachal Tourism Department.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Himachal Pradesh Open for tourists

    Yes, Himachal is open for tourists but with some conditions.

  • A person traveling to Himachal Pradesh in Lockdown will be free to visit temples, gurudwaras, and other religious places?

    No, religious places like Temples and Gurudwara are not yet open for tourists or for localities.

  • Can I travel to different districts once enter Himachal Pradesh

    There is a restriction to visit Some of the villages and districts in Himachal Pradesh during the lockdown, check before you travel.

  • Do I need to carry a physical copy of all three documents mentioned?

    Yes, you have to carry copies for Online Registration, Covid-19 test report, and hotel bookings.

  • Local Transport working in Himachal

    HRTC buses are working within Himachal Pradesh if you are coming from Chandigarh, you can get HRTC buses from Dharamshala to anywhere in Himachal.