10 reasons why you will hate Mumbai?

Places to visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is very crowded, too many people living in small spaces. It rains unexpectedly, the cost of living is too high. So why would you like to visit or live here?

Here are the reasons as to why you will not want to visit Mumbai:

  1. Not a single place to roam around

    Places to visit in Mumbai. Gate way of India, Hotel Taj

  2. No sign of History

    victoria terminus, MumbaiSource:travelzaurus

  3. Would not like to step out in the rainy season

    Haji Ali, Mumbai

  4. Absolutely no corner left to enjoy the view and relax

    Marine Drive, Mumbai

  5. Food sucks and nothing to eat

    Street food Mumbai

  6. It gets scary in the night

    Gate way of India, Mumbai

  7. They are not religious at all

    Ganpati Utsav, Lal bagh Mumbai

  8. Absolutely no ways to travel around

    Mumbai Local

  9. No Street shopping


  10. Frankly, why you would ever want to visit or live in such a city

Places to visit Mumbai

You should not visit Mumbai because it will make you fall in love with the city. Mumbai totally divulges the title ?City of Dreams?. It has the kind of positivity in the air which will force you to dream and work hell hard to achieve it. Mumbai is crowded but their people manage everything very well. Mumbai lives 24*7, it shines in the day and glows in the night.

So many things to eat, street food is love. Walk on the beach is serene. Drive through the sea link with 360 views of tall buildings and towers. Night view from Queens Necklace, wave splash at Marine Drive will take your heart away. Transport is available all night and day and the good thing is you don’t have to negotiate for money they work on “Meter ON” basis. Police are extremely sincere, If you are in a problem you can seek help from them, and I am sure they won’t deny. So in total a visit to Mumbai lately Bombay is worth it and I am sure you will fall in love with Mumbai as much as I am.

Are you from or have been traveled to Mumbai in recent times? What is your favorite incidence, food or place in Mumbai? would love to hear back from you. Until next time…

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  1. Worth read. After reading your article I am eager to visit Mumbai..??

    1. Yes you should visit Mumbai, and trust me you will not want to come back…

  2. Can relate to this a lot…keep writing ? Good luck

    1. Thanks you 🙂

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