To Travel is to Meditate, to Meditate is to relive

Introduction to Untold Travel tales

Travel is a medicine to heal your soul to heal yourself and to know a little more about you. There were so many things going in my mind, I was just trying to figure out what is made for me and what I can do the best. At a point, I have started feeling hopeless and unproductive. The feeling of ?You can?t do anything? make you do all the impossible things. During the search of what I can do the best this sudden trip happened, who knows what was planned for me. How a trip to mountains can change my entire life and perception. A time when I have started faith in destiny and karma.

It was not the first time I was traveling to mountains. Last year on 26th October 2016, I planned a trip with my school friends, which was a very first trip of us together. It was to kasol and Kheerganga in Himachal Pradesh. Kasol is a district in Kullu will share the complete details of the trip in my next blog. As always I was pretty much excited and started buying the stuff I would be needing for the trek. Day and night dreaming about the trip (life-changing trip).

Travel is to meditate

UntoldTravelTales an initiative to compile my travel stories and will try to help mass audience with my experiences. I was planning to launch it for some time and finally, it happened. I shall be sharing my own travel experiences and some untold facts about the places I shall be visiting in near future or have visited. All the informative information a person would be needing to travel around can get here under one roof.

Why I choose to start a travel blog
Travel is my passion, I can probably say and consider myself a traveler from a soul who is stuck in a 9-6 job. Ya, that?s sad but it helps me to fund my trips. Everybody is good at something and during the fight, I was having with myself I realized I?m good at traveling. My mom is a traveler too, she loves to explore? so I can probably say I have this passion in my genes. I love to go to new places (especially when they are mountains), eat local food (if I have forgotten to mention I m a big-time foodie too). That?s how it all happens and I am here. UntoldTravelTales Is a practice to achieve my dream.

While it took a lot of time to decide a name and ended up with UntoldTravelTales. Hope to help you guys with my experiences.

Till the time

Keep Traveling..


13 Replies to “To Travel is to Meditate, to Meditate is to relive”

  1. Vikas nagar says:

    It was really good story

    1. Neha Lamba says:

      Thanks ya

  2. Hi neha,
    Nice blog you are running. It is fruitful for the person who are planning to travel in these places. I love travel and follow your blog to catch new places. Thanks for amazing trip experience you are sharing here.

    1. Neha Lamba says:

      Thank you, Sanjeev for your kind words.

  3. So true! Traveling is like a therapy. Love your blog 🙂

    1. Neha Lamba says:

      Thank you Ragini

  4. I feel every bit if the word. Travel is life. Travel is a soul finder.
    Loved the piece of write up

    1. Neha Lamba says:

      Thank you Khushi

  5. Travel is definitely the best thing when one needs peace!

    1. Neha Lamba says:

      True that. Not only peace but to find out who you are and to realise how we are running after materialistic things which actually doesn’t matter.

  6. I agree with the statement about travel being a bit like meditation. So much free time and waiting around you really switch off and get into and almost trance like state sometimes. I really love the feeling of no distractions, just to read or right for a few hours! Don’t worry just about the destination enjoy every second

    1. Neha Lamba says:

      You have said just what I feel for traveling… Thanks

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